Walk into the lobby of Four Seasons San Francisco and you’ll come across fine mirrors and framed artwork supplied by New York-based manufacturer MunnWorks, whose network of artisans and craftsmen have a reputation as the gold standard in the hospitality industry.

While MunnWorks maintains an extensive catalog of stunning products, the company also produces what’s believed to be the world’s only disinfecting mirror. This patented germicidal UVC LED mirror destroys 99.99% of the most dangerous pathogens in and around the sink including the drain in under two hours. It is a patented revolution in functional design with an elegant backlit mirror that illuminates and reflects vibrantly.

Munnworks is a subsidiary of Applied UV, which develops and invests in infection prevention technology. The company’s subsidiaries are now recognized as market leaders in the development of furnishings and devices that prevent infections in hotels, offices, restaurants and other public venues.

Against a backdrop of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, demand for disinfecting products have been brisk. Just this summer, Applied UV’s subsidiaries installed devices including disinfecting mirrors in Mount Sinai's Morningside Hospital in New York and the Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club Resort. 

Another of Applied UV’s subsidiaries is SteriLumen, whose patent protected technology uses UV lights to destroy pathogens,  also distributes patented air purification devices called Airocide.

Originally developed for NASA by the University of Wisconsin, the Airocide system is an airborne pathogen killing technology that uses a patented combination of UVC (ultraviolet-C light) and a proprietary titanium dioxide based photocatalytic structure that destroys all bacteria and viruses. It is substantially more effective than competing filters.

Listed as an FDA Class II Medical Device, the Airocide technology is clinically proven and field tested to kill, remove and eliminate airborne pathogenic and non-pathogenic microorganisms, allergens, odors and volatile organic compounds.

In fact, Airocide has been featured on CNN, the Fox News Network, The Ellen Show and in the pages of Maxim, and is currently used by nationally recognized brands.

In September 2020, SteriLumen signed an exclusive agreement to distribute Airocide and place them into hotels in the United States and Middle East. One of their first collaborations was in the United Arab Emirates.

“We believe we have found a perfect partner as both companies' focus is innovation and the commitment to understand and deliver solutions to our customers," said Max Munn, President of Applied UV.

Last month, Applied UV went one step further by opening discussions to acquire Airocide.

The plan is to join forces and to distribute the companies’ combined catalog of products through the Applied UV supply chain and to accelerate deal flow in the hospitality, hotel, cruise, health care, senior living, grocery, wine, commercial real estate and retail sectors.

Remarkably, Applied UV now has the opportunity to break into the health care market. Its own SteriLumen technology has been tested at an independent laboratory that found the SteriLumen Disinfection System to be greater than 99.99% effective in killing the human coronavirus OC43, a strain of human coronavirus that is genetically similar to SARS-CoV-2. According to the independent laboratory, it is expected that SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, can be killed in a similar manner to OC43.

"With over $12 million of cash on hand and access to additional capital if needed, we believe that we have the resources to develop more products and the supply chain to distribute them," explained Mr. Munn. "We are well-positioned to aid in the reopening of the global economy."

Applied UV, Inc. (NASDAQ:AUVI) is publicly-traded on the Nasdaq exchange. To learn more about Applied UV, please visit the website at

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